Leander has worked in the wildlife film industry since leaving film school in 1994, on productions for National Geographic, the BBC, HDNet and Disney. He is an accomplished cameraman, editor and producer/ director. In 2006, after a 4 year development period, his film The Crimson Wing - Mystery of the Flamingos, about the Rift Valley's 2m population of lesser flamingos and their extraordinary life cycle on Tanzania's Lake Natron, was commissioned by Disney's new wildlife production outfit Disneynature, becoming their flagship international release. Leander and his team spent just over a year filming on Natron, piloting a hovercraft, hanging out of microlights, and shooting long lenses from specially converted Land Rovers, in order to get the extraordinary, never-before-seen footage. The Crimson Wing picked up awards at both the Wildscreen and Jackson Hole film festivals as well as at the International Festival of Film and Music in Auxerre, France.

Our passion for natural world storytelling and adventure travel underpins everything we do at Wayfarer and resonates across many of our projects. Wildlife filmmaking is one of cinema's most highly crafted endeavours, and our pedigree in this area of filmmaking ensures that our projects all carry with them exceptional quality, style and beauty.