Founded by award-winning documentary filmmaker Leander Ward, Wayfarer Media produces a range of dynamic 4K and HD video content for broadcast, web, social media and private distribution. Our classically trained production team craft cinematic films featuring exceptional properties, unique personalities and exotic destinations.

We are passionate about filming and work with major broadcasters, dynamic brands and private clients. We own a full 4K broadcast camera package and can put together quotes to suit all briefs and budgets. We also have a commercial license (PfCO) for drone filming in the UK and can apply to fly UAVs globally.

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Leander co-directed, produced and filmed The Crimson Wing - Mystery of the Flamingos, a visually stunning look at life and death for the flamingos of Tanzania’s Lake Natron. As the 2009 premiere release of the new documentary feature strand, Disneynature, it garnered glowing press reviews and collected awards at both The Jackson Hole and Wildscreen wildlife film festivals and at the International Festival of Music and Cinema in Auxerre, France.

With 20 years experience on productions for Disney, National Geographic, and the BBC, as well as a range of branded content for clients including the Natural History Museum, Leobo Private Reserve and Above Magazine, Leander’s creative choices with a camera, in the editing room or in a music studio recording a score demonstrate a distinctive personal sense of drama and appeal. Leander graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts (1994) and makes his home in Somerset, England with his wife Laura and their two daughters.