• "Leobo is completely unique in itโ€™s ethos and offering. It is a private African family home, yet determined to not be a conventional safari destination. At Leobo the activities are exciting, the house is dramatic, and the wow factor from the start is spellbinding. Therefore we realised we had to be impressive with the marketing. We decided to take the idea of a promotional film to the next level and hired Disney filmmaker Leander Ward to shoot footage of the house, reserve and activities from two helicopters in 4k resolution."

    "Needless to say, the result was absolutely stunning. The next step was to premiere the film in a befitting location. We hired the Soho Hotel private cinema in central London and invited all the tour operators, key members of the press, and potential clients to a drinks party and premiere screening. The event was such a success that we hired Barnsley House private cinema and hosted a replica event for the Gloucester based agents. One agent liked it so much he took the film to America and showcased Leobo in Soho House, New York.

  • "I have no hesitation in recommending Leander Ward to anybody looking for very high-end cinematography. Leander and his team shot and edited fabulous film footage of our South African game reserve and then built us a superb video website from the material.ย  It was all produced and finished on time and on budget with the least amount of fuss but with the utmost professionalism."

  • "A HUGE โ€˜Thank Youโ€™ for the time and effort you both put into creating a fantastic film of our adventure in Mongolia. The end result was terrific and really conveyed the diversity and scale of Mongolia, the bonding experiences we shared together and the great riding we all did on the bikes."

  • Absolutely LOVED it.
    Don't know how to thank you. The girls are overjoyed with their roles in the movie and are asking to make a sequel ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Honestly, thank you so very much for making this trip truly and utterly special and recording our memories of it in a way that will make it eternal.ย "

  • I am absolutely delighted with what you have created and it has been a lot of fun to do - already looking forward to making the next one!"